Lune Palace
Robin - 15 - Amsterdam

“La VPC, C’est chic - Gaultier Sur Un Coup De Fil!”: Gemma Ward by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Elle France January 2005


fuckboy detector: wear an outfit you think is cute and unique that you feel comfortable in, if he mentions it looking weird congratulations your target is acquired


My mother says: have lofty thoughts.

Anonymous said: you realize the word cracker is a racially offensive word, right?????


did it take u back to the time when u owned land & people

At night,
when the party is over,
we stumble home like drunken toddlers
stopping for milkshakes on the way.

You say
that we should stop by my house
instead of parting. I do not know your middle name

but I agree anyway. I do not know the day
you were born, or how you like your coffee.
I do not know how your skin tastes,
but I am willing to learn.

And then,
it is small talk on the sidewalk,
touching on my porch steps,
short breaths,
slight death.

And then, it is my bed,
and in the dark I can pretend you are
someone you aren’t. It is wet. I am shaking
trying to feel something
beyond my body. I do not feel small here.

I feel fear. I feel limbs bent back
by childhood debt. Death trap.
I feel flesh, blurred breath,

I feel forcing myself to moan
when you touch my breasts.
My friends say that this is the best
it gets. I feel lips against hips
and broken wrists.

And it’s over.

I put a sweater on. I ask you to leave.
And now I am drunk,
and pleading with a god - I do not know
where you were born. I do not know
if you know that I am more than
a pretty face and small hands and a waste
of precious space. I do not know
if I will see you again, or if I want to.

The milkshake is a puddle on my floor.
I hear the door slam
and your car pull out of my driveway.
I am alone again,
worried you did not think I was slim
enough, worried I am not tough,
worrying I will never be touched tenderly
by another man.

I pull out strands of my hair.
I wonder what parts of me
you have taken.

by My Last 10 Kisses Have Felt The Same; Hannah Beth Ragland (via allmymetaphors)

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Confessions Among Actresses (Yoshishige Yoshida, 1971)


The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed

photographed by Alexandra Nataf for Unconditional

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